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  • Tartu Waldorf School is a school of general education with 12 grade levels.

  • The school was founded on parents’ initiative in 1990.

  • Tartu Waldorf School’s syllabus draws on Waldorf pedagogy, which takes into account the child’s age-related differences and supports the well-rounded development of a young individual.

  • One of the underlying principles of Waldorf pedagogy is the coherence of teaching and rearing – teaching and rearing together form the child’s values and ethics, respect for all that has been created – human beings as well as the environment.

  • The syllabus includes equally intellectual and artistic-practical subjects. From the standpoint of human wholeness, both clear thinking as well as a balanced emotional life and a strong will require equal attention.

  • The basic subjects’ program is organized into study periods – during a period (4 to 5 weeks) a subject is dealt with in depth in a main lesson, which lasts 90 minutes. There are also language, religion, music, arts, crafts, exercise and practice lessons. Periodic instruction and foreign language lessons begin in the first grade.

  • From first to eighth grade, traditional marks have been replaced with verbal assessments, which describe the individual development of children in relation to the syllabus.

  • At the end of middle and high school students take the state examinations.

  • Tartu Waldorf School is a private school, which is owned by Tartu Free Waldorf School Association, a non-governmental organization founded by the parents. 

  • There are about 330 students (2019/2020 academic year) in Tartu Waldorf School.