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Dear friends and supporters,

Should you care about the future of Tartu Waldorf School, make a contribution!


Tartu Waldorf School is celebrating its 25th anniversary next spring. During these years, we have experienced joy in success, but likewise had to search for our identity and face the need to prove ourselves to the rest of the world.


Today, our school is stronger than ever. We have experienced and trained teachers, supportive and trusting parents, alumni who are satisfied and successful in their lives, meaningful traditions and a strong will to maintain and enhance all the above. And the children, of course! The number of students increases every year (2013/2014 - 225 students, 2014/2015 probably 250 students).


Since 1993, Tartu Waldorf School has been located in an old kindergarten building which belongs to the City of Tartu. We share the building with the municipal kindergarten Ploomike. Together with the rising numbers of students, the shortage of space has become a problem.


We have found one building which could provide us with necessary conditions and enable us to continue growing. It is the former main building of The Estonian University of Life Sciences (see a picture). We can see our dreams come true there - having inspiring classrooms for arts, handicraft and music, properly furnished laboratory for science lessons, a classroom for computer lessons, a library, space for recreational activities during recesses, a big hall to seat the entire school community during our concerts and festivals, outdoor opportunities for gardening, sports – there is space inside and around the building.

If you care to help, you can support the purchase of our new schoolhouse by making a donation.

Recipient: Tartu Free Waldorf School Association
SEB account EE501010220230833228

Explanation: donation for the purchase of Kreutzwaldi 64

Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn, Estonia


Yours Sincerely,

The board and teachers of Tartu Waldorf School