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The Association of Tartu Free Waldorf School


Tartu Waldorf School is a private school that has been founded on the initiative of parents and its owner is a non-governmental organization: Tartu Free Waldorf School Association (founded on 3 March 1990). According to the articles of association, the objective of the Association is to provide the best possibilities for the development of the individual through Waldorf education.


In order to achieve this objective, the Association:

  • runs Tartu Waldorf School: is responsible for Tartu Waldorf School’s development and management, involves parents in school’s activities;

  • develops Tartu Waldorf Education Centre;

  • cooperates with other institutions related to Waldorf education;

  • introduces Waldorf education through events, awareness raising days, and communication with the public;

  • provides an opportunity of lifelong education for every interested person;

  • publishes resources about Waldorf education;

  • supports and follows an environmentally friendly lifestyle in its activities.


Every parent whose child attends Tartu Waldorf School has the right to become a member of the Association and participate in the school’s development and participate in the discussions concerning the everyday life of the school. More active parents can contribute by joining a working group of the Association.